• 11 oz White Ceramic Mugs with Photographic Imprint

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    Product Code/Name: CCM-01 / 11 oz White Ceramic Mugs with Photographic Imprint (15)
    Material: Ceramic, Stoneware
    Dimensions: 4.75 inches W x 3.75 inches H x 3.25 inches Rim
    Liquid Capacity: 11 ounce / 325 ml
    Imprint Area: 2.5 inches W x 3 inches H
    Features: printable with full color design or photographic images
    Limitations: printable within the imprint area only
    Individual Packaging: white box

  • Our 11 oz. full color personalized photo mugs make excellent promotional items as well as personal gifts. These custom mugs are smooth molded with ceramic composite. They come with a glossy white exterior and an easy comfort grip curved handle. Television shows, restaurants, diners, stores, coffee shops, souvenir shops typically love getting full color mugs customized with graphic designs or their logos. They’re perfect to use for coffee, tea and even hot cocoa. Get a set to give out as personal gifts for your family and friends or to add to your own home collection. For maximum product performance, we strongly suggest hand-washing for all full color sublimation mugs.

    Bulk Packaging: 36 pcs per carton box
    Packaging Dimensions: 42cm x 27cm 31cm
    Weight: 13.5 kg approx


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