• Corporate Class Rectangular Metal Keychains

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    25 pcs Php 81
    50 pcs Php 76
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    200 pcs Php 67
    300 pcs Php 62
    400 pcs Php 61
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    1000 pcs Php 60
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    Stocks: 3 to 5 days*
    Order Basis: 5 to 14 days*
    Import Basis: 35 days*; minimum order is 500 pcs

    Product Code/Name: CKC-01 / Corporate Class Rectangular Metal Keychains (19)
    Material: Stainless Metal
    Dimensions: 3 inches W x 1 inch H
    Imprint Area: .75 Width x 1.5 Height
    Limitation: printable on 1 side only. refer to the product photos. limited images and texts must be readable (submit your design)
    Individual Packaging: FREE black box

  • These coprorate class rectangular metal key chains are perfect for companies to use as promotional products to advertise. They are made with top quality and durable polish chrome metal so they will definitely last for many years. Get them in digital print with logos, text or graphics and hand them out at tradeshows, conventions, conferences and other promotional giveaway events. Your customers and clients will love using their new custom keychains for their house or work keys; all while promoting your business and services.

    Bulk Packaging: 240 pcs per box
    Packaging Dimensions: 39 cm x 25 cm x 29 cm
    Weight: 10.7 kg


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