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Best Time to Order Company Gifts and Giveaways for Upcoming Holidays Season

Christmas Company Giveaways are intended to be given to employees usually on Christmas Parties or on the last day of work before the New Year. It usually takes place from the 3rd week until the last week of December. And sometimes, it even goes on until the first week of January in some rare situations.

However, what you need to know is what are the possible problems you might have if you order it late or very untimely?

Possible problems you might have if you order it late
  • The item you really prefer would no longer be available because other companies or clients have already ordered almost everything during the earlier weeks.
  • There could be no longer enough stocks so you might not get the quantity of items that you want, especially with import-based items.
  • You won't have enough choices to choose from and it might be a little difficult to think about your second choice of items since time won't be on your side anymore.
  • Printing companies are already loaded with a high number of jobs which will definitely affect the schedule of receiving your orders.
  • Most printing companies, if not all, are already closed for the holiday season.
  • Our suggested timeline for you to place your orders:
  • AUGUST - look for suppliers, choose from their list of items, and then send your inquiries.
  • SEPTEMBER - finalize your order. First week for bulk orders and import- based ones, up to the last week for import basis and if there are currently no stocks available.
  • What are the possibilities if you order beyond the month of September?
  • OCTOBER - During the 1st week for import-based items with stocks available, many clients or cutomers are already in a race in ordering items, so "First com, first serve" rule will be in place, and other might place orders before you so you would be more likely to wait for the next importation. Worst case scenario? Ports are more likely to be congested with the heavy amount of orders.
  • OCTOBER 3rd week until NOVEMBER - You have to wait for arriving stocks.You need to frequently ask your supplier about it and if the job order is still possible to be fulfilled. Mypowderblue's workload is enourmous during the 2nd week of November for the scheduled delivery dates before Christmas Parties.
  • DECEMBER 1st week - These are the dates wherein we open slots for new orders if ever there are deliveries that would finish early, but expect that stocks and slots are limited. There maybe enough available slots for the production but if the deliveries should be done by us (Mypowderblue), delivery slots would more probably be limited as well. During these dates, customers are highly advised to pick-up their orders themselves or have it delivered door to door by a 3rd party courier although this would add-up to the delivery turnaround depending on the schedule of the courier. Fortunately, there are same day delivery options like Grab, Lalamove etc.
  • DECEMBER 2ND WEEK - Deliveries during this week are usually for January orders. or for items that are included in the inventory sale. On the other hand, we have options like "3-day rush" and "24-hour rush" which are priced higher although these options are mostly OFF during these dates.
  • DECEMBER 3RD WEEK - You better start your inquiries during these dates although we can not predict possibility for your items to be delivered on the target date. With this, we suggest that you choose items that are easy to prepare and that are definitely available in our own inventory. We also suggest items that won't give much work load to our printing team.
  • Summary

    The best time to order is between August and the 1st week of October. The earlier you place your orders, the highest possible chances you have for you to be able to receive the ultimate satisfaction for you to enjoy the holiday festivities so much more. Because the later you decide to order, even by a bit, the more you are prone to not getting totally satisfied. That's why we strongly suggest for you to plan everything for it as early as the second and third quarters of the year.

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