Are Corporate Giveaways Better if Personalized?

The word "personalized" means "designed or produced to meet someone's individual requirements". Whenever you order corporate giveaways with your company's logo, it is personalized based on someone's preference, either you as a purchaser, decision maker, boss or the owner.

Personalized or Customized?

Here in the Philippines, most people use the word "personalized" but for corporate giveaways printed with logo or brand, the word "customized" or "custom printed" are more appropriate.

The other meaning of the word "personalized" is "used to describe an object that has someone's name on it". Isn't it better if your corporate giveaway have your logo and the name of your recipient permanently printed on it? Mypowderblue made it possible for corporate giveaways not just customized but personalized.

Customized Corporate Giveaways

From the list of our products offered as corporate giveaways, you can choose a product variety or color that will match your company's preference. Aside from color, we can print your logo or brand on it. If possible, we can also print your company's tag line, website, contact numbers and address depending on the printing limitations for each product. On some umbrellas, we can also customize the color/s of each panel or have it printed on one or more panels. On ceramic mugs, we can print it on one side, two sides or wrap around. On shirts, we can print on it at front or both sides. On some tote bags, we can also print on one or two sides. There are so many ways to customize corporate giveaways even most of it are ready-made products. It becomes customized when we print your logo or design in it.


11 oz Two Tone Ceramic Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs

as low as



600 ml Aluminum Sports Bottles with Handle and Flip Top Spout

minimum of 25 pcs

as low as



10 oz White Ceramic Latte Mugs (Class C)

minimum of 250 pcs

as low as



600 ml Double-Wall Stainless Tall Tumblers with Straw

minimum of 25 pcs

as low as


Personalized Corporate Giveaways

Employees will truly appreciate a corporate gift from their boss if their individual names are printed on it. Here at Mypowderblue, we observed that some companies really make effort to make a list of all their employees' nicknames. Even if there is an extra cost for that, they believe that giving these giveaways with name will be really appreciated. Though not applicable on all products, there are some items that can be customized with your design and personalized with individual names.

Also, most of the offices invested on reusable coffee cups due to many advantages. It is hygienic specially on drinkware items that are intended to be used within the office if they are personalized with names.

If you need personalized corporate giveaways, you are on the right site.

Here is the list of Mypowderblue products that can be customized with your company logo or any design plus individual name on each piece.

Personalized Corporate Giveaways

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