We are now Accepting Credit Cards

The traditional ways that still exist and are useful today in purchasing corporate giveaways to suppliers here in the Philippines are through cash, bank deposit, or bank check. Not all companies here in the Philippines are able to pay orders using credit cards on purchasing corporate giveaways. But in the previous years, we found out that it is more convenient for international companies, especially those which funds are coming outside the Philippines. There are also exhibitors from other countries who want their promotional items prepared ahead of time before they come to their event here in the Philippines.

Payment for Corporate Giveaways

Mypowderblue Corporate Giveaways Trading is now accepting major credit cards as payments for its products and services. The process is through a 3rd party payment gateway that provides a safe and secured online payment gateway. Customers can pay for their order by following the instructions that we provide in the Formal Quotations we send through email.

Transaction Charge

We are imposing a transaction charge of (4% plus ₱15.00) x 1.12 (tax) same as how the 3rd party service provider charges us. This will be included in the Formal Quotation.

Why are we imposing transaction charge on customers?

Our posted price list of products is based on a traditional way of paying orders and has no transaction charges or sometimes in very minimal amount, unlike other online stores which prices are based on how the 3rd party payment processors impose charges and are not accepting other options.

Secured Payment Gateway

Please note that you are not going to send payment through our website. If you chose to pay using a credit card, you still need to wait for the formal quotation from our customer sales representative. After you confirmed the amount stated in the formal quotation yet you still chose not to change the payment option you selected, you will receive an invoice generated by the 3rd party payment gateway through email.


Not all submitted RFQ (request for formal quotation s) from customers who chose credit cards as their payment option in purchasing corporate giveaways will be accepted. It will depends on the order placed, target date, and products needed. If we chose to decline your request to pay through credit card, we still have other fund transfer options like BDO, BPI, PNB, Western Union, G-Cash, and other money remittance systems that we have here in the Philippines.

Here is the link to the corporate giveaway products catalog that Mypowderblue offers:

Corporate Giveaways Catalog

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