Difference Between Corporate Giveaways and Promotional Items

Whenever we search for any of these two phrases, they are always related to each other. For example, if we will focus on the meaning of the word giveaways, its definition is: giveaways - things that are given free, often for promotional purposes. So, we can say from there that corporate giveaways are things given by the companies or businesses for free for promotional purposes. Now, let's define promotional items: promotional items - products branded with a logo or slogan and distributed at little or no cost to promote a brand, corporate identity, or event. They are given away or sold at a loss to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event.

Based from the meaning of these two phrases, we can see how corporate giveaways are similar to promotional items.

  1. corporate giveaways and promotional items are mostly given by companies or businesses
  2. in most cases, they are given for promotional purposes, to old, new and target customers
  3. nowadays we can see that most of company giveaways are printed with logo just like the promotional items and sometimes promoting website or a contact numbers

Here are the dividing lines between Corporate Giveaways and Promotional Items

Going back to the meaning of corporate giveaways and promotional items, here are clear dividing lines between them:

  1. corporate giveaways are always given for free while promotional items are sometimes sold at a loss just to promote something (example: buy a coffee maker and get 1 set of coffee mugs at 50% discount, and these mugs are printed with the brand of that coffee maker)
  2. there are promotional items that cannot be used as corporate giveaways. those are always listed as cheap promotional products like silicon wristbands, nylon fan and low cost printed bag tags and ornaments. Receiving these kinds of items seems to be an insult for a regular customer.

It depends in many factors. In some cases, corporate giveaways meaning sometimes can be interchangeable to promotional items and vice versa. And that is the main objective of this article:

Indefinite dividing line between corporate giveaways and promotional items

Companies' different budget per Pax

A car brand dealers' promotional item for anyone who shows interest to their car show event that costs Php50.00 can be a logistic company's corporate giveaways for their regular customers.

Presentation of the item and its imprint and packaging based on recipients' perspective

A decently printed coffee mug with elegant logo design that costs Php80.00 looks more of a corporate giveaways while a coffee mug that costs the same but printed not only with logo but with contact numbers, promotional tag lines and other offers looks more of a promotional item.

Same as to heavy duty folding umbrella with logo and with clear plastic jacket that costs higher than an ordinary folding umbrella with nylon jacket and packed in a gift box with gift tag.

Unwritten ethics on giving corporate giveaways and promotional items

Giving of giveaways to clients must be given proper considerations. Clients are divided to males and females, regular and new customers, big and small clients, and their position to the company where they work.

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