Summer Giveaways: 10 Promotional Products You Should Offer this Summer

Summer giveaways are a great way to heat up a business's sales for summer. While they cost a bit of money depending on the item, they can also help people remember your brand when they're making a purchase. When it comes to making the best impression, items that can be used during the summer season are best. The people who receive your summer swag from an in-person or online campaign will literally become walking advertisements, while they get an item for free it's a win-win. Here are 10 summer giveaway ideas that are bound to be memorable, and could lead to more sales down the road.

1. Custom Printed Water Bottles

This is one of the best summer giveaways there is because it's not only handy but also good for the environment. When people have plastic or metal reusable water bottles, they can fill up from the tap on the go. That's opposed to buying bottled water, which is more expensive and ends up in landfills often. A reusable sports water bottle with logo is a great chance to promote your brand.

2. Printed Umbrellas

Chances are your potential customers will get caught in a rainstorm once in a while. So if they're going to need an umbrella, then it might as well be one that has your brand name on it! There are almost countless design options for an umbrella when it comes to color and pattern, and you can fit your logo nicely on there. An umbrella is suitable for any season including summer. Not only can they deflect rainfall and sunlight, but you can also choose umbrellas that offer UV protection. They also easily fold down into a compact size and can easily be slipped into a carrying bag. Mypowderblue offers not only umbrella printing but a package of umbrella and printing.

3. Sunglasses

You can't go outside during the peak sunny season without a good pair of sunglasses. So when companies are deciding on their summer giveaways, this should rank high on the list. Sunglasses can help protect eyes against the harsh sun (especially if they're UV coated). They can also be a style statement. The company logo can fit nicely down the arms of the glasses, where it can easily be seen by many people.

4. Beach Balls

Inflate your sales potential when a target customer inflates your beach ball! These are the perfect giveaway for families and friends to enjoy some outdoor time together. They are suitable in the water or on land, and can be used safely by people of all ages including toddlers. Beach balls can be eye-catching and have your branding on them. There are almost limitless design options for a beach ball. Choose this giveaway and get on a roll!

5. Carry Bags and Backpacks

There are few things handier than a carry bag to bring your items to the beach or shopping during the hottest months. Backpacks are also a great way to carry the essentials without putting strain on your back as long as they're not overloaded.

Companies can go one step further by offering a customized drawstring bags, which is very easy to open and close for the user.

Backpacks and drawstring bags offer a good surface area to show off your logo when the recipient is outdoors.

6. Custom Towels

Whether spending a day in the water or bathing at home, a towel is a necessity. That's why they work so well as a promotional summer item. When the towel is spread out on a beach, people from all around will see the branding clearly. It's also handy to roll up and put into a backpack or beach bag.

7. Flying Discs

Who doesn't love throwing the frisbee around during summertime? Not only is this summer giveaway a great way for your company's branding to be seen, but it's also a great way to promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Companies appreciate making these discs as giveaways because they're relatively inexpensive to produce. Meanwhile, playing with them is a simple and inexpensive form of entertainment that can last for hours. There are many style options, including rings, and you could even make them glow in the dark if you want to go the extra distance.

8. Portable Fans

This option may cost companies a bit more, but customers will appreciate having a portable fan with them when they're sweltering in the summer sun. These fans can be battery-powered, or they can even be designed to run off a USB device such as a laptop. If you don't want to go with an electric fan, you can also go with a folding paper (or fabric) fan that has your logo on it.

9. Coolers and Cooler Bags

People love to take food with them to the beach or on summer outings. But people also like to bring along beverages that are better served cold, while bringing food that may spoil if not kept chilled. Companies can choose between a hard cooler with a lid or a soft lined cooler bag to give away. Either way, they will be able to show off their logo prominently while the recipients enjoy their outdoor refreshments.

10. Custom T-Shirts

It's hard to go wrong with a custom t-shirt that has your company name on the front and the back. Not only is it a stylish item that's available in any pattern or color (that can reflect a brand), but it's also practical when the thermometer is at its highest. Companies can produce a certain number of shirts in different sizes ahead of time or produce custom sizes as part of the giveaway.

Choose The Perfect Summer Giveaways

There is a wide range of promotional items that are perfect for the summer. They're often stylish as well as functional, and they can grab the attention of anyone who sees it. Creating an item for the summer season means that it will have at least a few months of exposure before it's put in a drawer or closet for the off-season. View all of the products that can be used for summer giveaways on our website.

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