4 Tips in Choosing Corporate Gifts for Female Clients and Employees

There is no perfect corporate gifting solution that is fit for all. If you are giving corporate gifts without the knowledge of your company's goals with regards to customer relation and retention, you're throwing money down the drain. Women play a huge role in companies' work force and exceptional women are in top positions. It's challenging if your role is to decide which corporate gifts will be given to female clients. Also, what corporate gifts will be appreciated by female employees inside your company?

1. Organize a Support Group

In choosing corporate gifts for female clients and female employees, having a support group for this is a big help. You may ask some female friends on what corporate gifts they are really expecting from their bosses that will make them happy. First tip is to consolidate and consider their answers.

2. Choose the Right Fit

Is the gift the right fit? It must be suitable for your female clients' and employees' expectations and interests. That is why some companies have more than single set of corporate gifts for their clients and employees.

Is cost a major factor in your choice? In building relation to clients, females are more aware than males of the price of the gift they received. Do not give too cheap corporate gifts especially to long-time clients.

Also, consider corporate values your clients' company is upholding.

3. Personalize Your Gift

Women love to read personalized notes. If your clients are receiving corporate gifts regularly, you need yours to stand out. A hand-written personalized note on a card might be a great way to have your gift remembered.

Choosing a single item for all recipients but with your client's name printed on it is also a great option. Do not overdo branding by printing big logo as it may look like a promotional item and not a gift. Women like simplicity and elegance.


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Individual preferences are important. Some women love hanging out in coffee shops, going to a massage parlor, reading books, and being passionate about home improvement. Giving gift cards you bought from famous coffee shops or a well-known massage parlor near your clients' area are great options. If they are into fitness and sports, that's another great idea to consider. Knowing your clients' individual interests creates a great bond and long-lasting business relationship.

4. Make the Timing Perfect

Your clients are most likely to receive more corporate gifts during the main holiday times of the year - the days before Christmas and New Year. That's why it might be great to remember that giving gifts can be a year-round thing, not just for Christmas.

There are other days to consider giving business gifts like your clients' birthday, their wedding anniversaries, or if they are celebrating a milestone or an achievement.

Also, sending a corporate gift at a random time can help strengthen your business relationship with your clients as it will be probably perceived by them that they are always in your mind, not just during the season of gift-giving.

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