Mypowderblue - Trusted Supplier of Corporate Giveaways in the Philippines

It's our 10th year anniversary today: October 7, 2018. It's been ten years since we launched this website that offers corporate giveaways here in the Philippines. It is really hard to answer the first customer who asked a question "What is the assurance that you guys will deliver what I paid for?".

Legitimate Corporate Giveaways Trading Business

Our registered business name is Mypowderblue Corporate Giveaways Trading*. We have complete documents and receipts to operate as legitimate business. We are able to comply for the requirements needed by SMEs and companies. Our office and showroom is at 1877B, E. Manalo Street, Brgy. 331, Santa Cruz, Manila - same as what is stated on our registration. We have at least one bank account under this business name whenever our customers need to process their payments for their orders.

Edit: *previously registered as Mypowderblue Trading and Printing Services

Guaranteed Delivery of Corporate Giveaways

Let us skip payment, product quality and print quality. We will post a separate article for that.

We were able to keep our record of almost ZERO late delivery in 10 years. We are careful on giving production turnaround by using our administration system. The least is we were able to serve the products in return to customers' payments.

Our Loyalty

Our loyalty belongs to our customers - the company or the business owner. We do not alter our official pricing. We also do not protect the personal interest of anyone against their company or employer. We are transparent to anyone that represents their company or their employer.

No 3rd Parties

It is just between you and Mypowderblue - no 3rd parties. Aside from we have our own printing team, our commitment is based on our capabilities and not from the commitment of others.

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