8 Useful and Unique Corporate Giveaways

As we already mentioned in our previous blog posts, giving corporate giveaways is no longer an advantage but a must on business. Though this has to be done regularly even in this time of pandemic, we still need to make a positive impressions not only to our clients but also to employees.

Some given corporate gifts were just remain unused. If we are going to answer the question "What are good corporate gifts?", maybe our first answer is being usable. If we are going to compare the weight between being usable or displayable, that is where we might have a second thought. But how about being unique? Yes. Usable and unique corporate giveaways. Not only it will give an immediate positive impression but a long lasting gift appreciation.

Usable and Unique Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Here is the updated list of unique corporate christmas gift ideas in Mypowderblue website. Unique in the sense that here in the Philippines, it is offered only here at Mypowderblue. Note that these corporate giveaways are also useful in our everyday life and that is fit for your recipients. Some of these are drinkware, outdoor products, and home and auto items, and stationary products. There are also corporate gift sets and those are all useful and packed in a very presentable gift box.


14 oz White Ceramic Coffee Mugs

minimum of 250 pcs

as low as



Umbrella, Notebook and Metal Pen Gift Set 7

minimum of 25 pcs

as low as



12 oz Two-Tone Latte Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs

as low as



12 oz TORCH Stainless Thermo Travel Tumblers

minimum of 25 pcs

as low as



23 inches (46) Pre-Printed UV Umbrellas with Straight Handles

minimum of 150 pcs

as low as



11 oz Spooner Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs

as low as



Crossfitter Tritan Plastic Water Bottles with Straw

minimum of 50 pcs

as low as



Vacuum Tumbler and Metal Pen Set 6

minimum of 25 pcs

as low as


We are doing our best to add new unique corporate giveaways at least once a month. To view the complete list of unique corporate giveaways that Mypowderblue offers, click the link below:

Unique Corporate Giveaways

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