Why Choose Mypowderblue?

First, you are looking for a supplier of printed company gifts, giveaways, and promotional items, maybe urgent or not. Second, you need a supplier that can definitely be considered trustworthy and reliable because quality and commitment are our best traits. Third, we always treat every transaction with utmost importance and consider it like it happens only once that we definitely aim for the customers total satisfaction by reaching their expectations as much as we can. So, we make sure to finish our transactions completely and successfully.

1. Price Transparency

All posted prices are updated. There are definitely no hidden charges that might unpleasantly surprise you. We always consider what is posted under LIMITATIONS, e.g. "Price is limited to 1 color imprint only". What you see in the quotations are the correct details of your order. Nothing more, nothing less, including unit prices, subtotals, and grand totals.

2. In-house Production

We have our own production team since Mypowderblue started in 2008. 98% of our products are printed in-house. We have in-house graphic designers and 4 printing teams. The commitment that we are giving is based on our own production capability, and not based on others'.

3. Real Time Inventory

Almost 40% of the items listed are our own stocks with real-time online inventory. Our inventory has been very helpful in accepting orders especially with the rush ones. We are always honest to our customers and we never ever deceive them regarding the availability of the items they want. We are straight to the point about the availability of your order so you won't feel disappointed.

4. Online Admin System

We have developed our own online application. Our own online application handles everything from customers' database to quotations, from orders to inventory, and from deliveries to statuses. These data make all stages and departments connected to each other in real-time from our CSR (Customer Sales Representatives), to our graphic designers, to our printing teams, and to our packing and delivery department. Dates are a very important thing to us, so the said application is well-designed to consider dates of deliveries with utmost importance and sense of urgency. Is this important? Yes! This helps us to comply with our customers' demands.

5. 12 Years Experience

We have the knowledge in mixing colors, giving computer generated image close to the actual print. We also have the knowledge in printing, production capability, and packaging safety measures. We keep records of designs and colors in case the customer re-orders the same item and design. We know how the couriers and forwarders handle our packages, and their estimated delivery turnaround and when it is about to change.

We are one of the companies in the Philippines that has more than a decade of excellent service, quality customer support, and dependable client reliability which makes us quite a good business partner.

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