Promotional Plastic Pens - Custom Printed

List of Promotional Plastic Pens that can be custom printed with your brand. logo or design.


AUDREY Two-Tone Promotional Ballpens

minimum of 100 pcs


Twist and Write Ballpoint Pens

minimum of 100 pcs


ALEXANDER Two Tone Plastic Pens

minimum of 100 pcs


Trade Shows Promotional Ballpens

minimum of 100 pcs


Curve Grip Ballpoint Pens

minimum of 100 pcs


Wholesale Advertising Pens

minimum of 100 pcs


Value Ballpoint Pens

minimum of 100 pcs


FEANNY LANE Ballpoint Pens

minimum of 100 pcs


The Shangri-La Ballpoint Pens

minimum of 100 pcs


EMS Metallic Plastic Pens with Color Accent

minimum of 100 pcs


Two Tone Promotional Pens

minimum of 100 pcs

Promotional Plastic Pens: The Most Popular Swag Bag Item

With so many options of promotional items available, which ones are best for promoting your company? A lot of companies see success with branded flash drives, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. And, to be sure, these are all great options.

But there's only one swag item you should choose every single time: plastic promo pens. There's a reason, several, actually, why plastic pens are and always will be the most popular swag bag item. Read on and you'll learn these reasons for yourself.

In this guide, we share with you the top benefits of using branded pens as well as some creative/effective ways to do so. Afterward, you'll probably realize you aren't using them enough. (We can help with that, too.)

Learn all about it below.

They're Cheap

These aren't flash drives and t-shirts we're talking about, here. We're not even talking about fancy metal or dual function pens. We're looking at cheap, plastic pens.

As far as promotional items go, the only things that might be cheaper than plastic pens are business cards. Are you thinking that you can't afford any promo items at all? Trust us: after you price out an order of plastic promo pens, you'll think differently.

You Already Use Them

They're so useful, in fact, you already use them. That is, you already pay for office supplies, don't you? For a teeny, tiny bit more money, you could be ordering pens that promote your company instead of BiC.

Then, if they ever go missing they're still promoting your company. Anytime clients or employees take the pens out of the office, they're spreading brand awareness. You can't lose!

They're Valuable

How can something be cheap and valuable at the same? Believe it or not, plastic promo pens pull it off.

While they may be inexpensive to purchase, they are extremely useful. In fact, a Brandwatch survey deemed writing utensils the third-most useful promo item after flash drives and electrical items. However, plastic pens cost less than those other two, giving you more bang for your buck.

In the office, pens are even necessary. It'd be a bad day at the office if you were to run out of pens, right? In other words, no one's ever going to turn down a free pen.

Besides this, they boast an amazing ROI. According to a 2019 advertising study, a $1 pen has a cost per impression of less than 1/10 of a cent.

They're Unbelievably Easy to Distribute

We've already shown you one example of how easy it is to distribute plastic promo pens. Here's another one.

Instead of waiting for your pens to leave your office and journey out into the world, make it happen. Take every opportunity to lend them out to everyone.

Remember, these pens take up very little space. Keep 20 of them on your person at all times.

Then, any time you sign a check, hand out your contact information, or any time someone needs to write something, you accidentally give away your pen. Or just openly insist they keep it. Even attach them to gifts you give out.

Plastic Pens: The Best Promo Item There Is

If you're starting to think you don't have enough plastic promo pens, you're right. The truth is, you can never have enough plastic pens regardless, especially when they're so useful for spreading brand awareness.

The best part is, after learning all of this, you're in the best place to do something about it. If you haven't already, simply scroll up to check out our amazing selection of plastic promo pens. Make your choice, and we'll see you at checkout!

For more reasons why our plastic pens are a great idea, read Why Choose Mypowderblue?