Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Custom Printed

List of Ceramic Coffee Mugs that can be custom printed with your brand. logo or design.


11 oz Pastel Colors Ceramic Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs


17 oz Tall Latte Mugs

minimum of 250 pcs


12 oz Two-Tone Latte Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs


11 oz Spooner Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs

Releted to Ceramic Coffee Mugs


11 oz Matte Magical Coffee Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs


12 oz Latte Photo Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs


11 oz White Ceramic Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs


11 oz Two Tone Ceramic Mugs

minimum of 25 pcs

Soon to Offer


Thank You Ceramic Coffee Mugs


Mothers Day Coffee Mugs


11 oz Full Color Frosted Coffee Mugs


14 oz Two Tone Ceramic Mugs


Fathers Day Coffee Mugs


11 oz Magical Coffee Mugs with Inner Color

Mug Printing Company in the Philippines offers different kinds of ceramic coffee mugs that can be customized with your company logo and design. In fact, Mypowderblue have unique ceramic mugs that are not available in other local suppliers. We print our mugs here in our Manila production address and even these are fragile items, we are able to deliver orders not only here in Metro Manila but also in other places in the Philippines.

Customized Mugs and Personalized Mugs - We Offer Both

Though we cannot make it customized based on your preferred dimensions and colors because we offer based on posted products, we can customize the print on it. We can print your logo, company name, contact details, tag line and other designs. That is why it can be called as customized mugs.

We can also make it more personalized. We offer additional printing of individual names on mugs. This is applicable for mugs as giveaways for employees and if they are using these mugs within the office. To avoid using other's mugs unintentionally, we can print the name of employees on each mug*

*P10 additonal per mug

Is it safe to order customized mugs online?

Legitimacy wise, there's no issue about that. Mypowderblue is on its 12th year in the industry of printing and selling customized products online. Let us talk about colors. We are doing our best to show to customers in our website the closest color of the product without visiting our showroom.
Also, since we do not provide actual sample of mug with your design printed on it and we only create computer-generated image (CGI) of the expected result when printed, Mypowderblue have more than 11 years of experience of providing realistic CGI. We generate possible result based on the printing process. And still, that is subject to customers' approval prior to printing on mugs.