Lanyards and ID Laces - Custom Printed

List of Lanyards and ID Laces that can be custom printed with your brand. logo or design.


20 mm Polyester Photographic Lanyards

minimum of 50 pcs


1 inch Soft Polyester Photographic Lanyards

minimum of 50 pcs


20 mm Soft Polyester Photographic Lanyards

minimum of 50 pcs


1 inch Photographic Lanyards

minimum of 50 pcs


FMI 20mm Screen Imprinted Polyester Lanyards

minimum of 100 pcs

Tips for Ordering Custom Lanyards Online

The key to better brand visibility might be hanging around your neck.

Custom lanyards are a great tool at trade shows and in-store to show off your brand and make an impression. But what is a lanyard, and what should you consider when ordering custom printed lanyards online?

Read on for more information about using a lanyard to your business's advantage...

What are Lanyards?

You have probably seen then at many shows and stores, but you didn't know their formal name. Lanyards are fabric strap that's worn around the neck, usually with a clip of some type on the end. This is to hold a name card or some information about what the company is about.

The strap itself holds almost limitless design options. From different color choices to logos and patterns, you can make the strap as bold or simple as you wish.

While there are many ways to get attention from potential customers, including custom printed t-shirts, cheap custom lanyards are an easy, cost-effective option.

What Should You Look For When Ordering?

There are a number of options to consider when order custom lanyards online:

Customized Text/Graphics

For example, you'll want to choose lanyards that allow for custom text. That way, you can put your company name and website on them, so people can easily remember it after chatting with your staff.

You'll also want to select a lanyard that matches your company's branding. That means you should be able to select the color that best represents your business. The option to print your company logo on the strap is also a plus.


Of course, you'll want the lanyard to be comfortable to wear - especially if your staff is wearing them for hours at a time.

With this in mind, look for fabrics such as soft polyester or cotton that won't irritate skin while still being durable.

Quality and Durability

The type of fabric the lanyard is constructed from is also important to how durable it is. If you don't choose a quality option, the lanyard can fray or fade over time.

To help with the lastability of the designs, look for custom printed lanyards that are created with screen printing or the dye sublimation process (added using a printer.) Both processes can ensure colors stay vibrant and true for a long period of time.

Convenience Options

Look for lanyards that have handy features such as an easy side-release and a g-hook to easily attach cards and other content. This allows your team to switch up messaging on the go.

Cost Per Unit

When ordering online, look for a source that prices its custom lanyards depending on volume. For example, you should pay less per unit when ordering 1,000 lanyards compared to 100.