Maroon Umbrellas - Corporate Giveaways

Here is the list of Umbrellas that can be custom printed with your brand, logo or any design. Please note that we do not offer low quality umbrellas also known as Divisoria umbrellas.


27 inches High-End Golf Umbrellas with Logo on Handle - Maroon

MOQ: 250 pcs


30 inches Golf Umbrellas with Fiberglass Ribs - Maroon

MOQ: 12 pcs


POCO - 21 inches Automatic Folding UV Umbrellas - Maroon

MOQ: 25 pcs


21 inches Promotional Folding UV Umbrellas - Maroon

MOQ: 25 pcs

Umbrellas Under Inventory Sale

Grab the chance to have these Umbrellas customized with your logo either in low quantity or in lower price or both.

PUM-01 - Green

23 inches Promotional Straight UV Umbrellas

100 pcs

PUM-01 - Golden Yellow

23 inches Promotional Straight UV Umbrellas

22 pcs

CUM-03 - Maroon

POCO - 21 inches Automatic Folding UV Umbrellas

25 pcs

CUM-02 - White

STORM - 30 inches Wind Breaker UV Umbrellas

45 pcs

Guaranteed On Hand Stocks

If you're in a hurry, narrow your search with the guaranteed on-hand stocks that is ready for print customization. Reservation is good for 24 hours only. List is updated daily.

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Umbrella Printing in Manila, Philippines

Mypowderblue is a printing company that offers customized umbrellas plus printing. From Manila, we deliver orders nationwide*. The price posted in our website is a package of umbrellas with imprint in wholesale price. Though we can customize umbrellas, we are not the umbrella manufacturer. We have a partner company that manufacture umbrellas for us based on our customers' preferences.

PUM umbrellas are ready-made umbrellas from our inventory or supplier's inventory. These are made of class B materials but very far from the quality of umbrellas from Divisoria. These ready-made umbrellas are ready for printing and available in lower minimum order quantity (50 pcs) but limited to 1 color imprint only. Colors of panels are in single color only.

CUM umbrellas are made of class A materials. Panels can be customized in different available colors and frames are tougher than PUM umbrellas. It requires 2 or more weeks to manufacture these umbrellas and the minimum order quantity is higher (150 pcs) and the price is proportional to it's quality and features. We can design these umbrellas more creatively since we can print on all panels and not limited to single color imprint.* Photographic imprint is also possible in CUM umbrellas

Printed Umbrellas as Giveaways

Umbrellas are very useful product to promote your company or brand. Umbrellas are useful throughout the year. Golf umbrellas are useful on outdoor company events while foldable umbrellas are suitable as giveaways for employees and clients. Automatic folding umbrella is a nice gift for VIPs and bosses and will be surely appreciated. On the other hand, straight and standard umbrellas are cheaper and can be used as promotional product.

Aside from your company name and logo, we can add your address, contact details, website and tag line on the design as long as it is within the imprint area. If you need quantity below our minimum or cheaper price, take time to check our monthly sale or inventory sale in our home page.